Learning Registry Community

Over the past 12 months, the Learning Registry framework was designed, built and tested as open source software. A beta implementation, open to the public, is available, built upon a detailed technical specification, Learning resource data—metadata, usage data—is being shared through the registry by a number of organizations in preparation for our November 7, 2011 official announcement. Over a dozen organizations are active collaborators and have stepped up to be early contributors to the Learning Registry; many others have expressed interest in contributing in the next few months. 

This is just the beginning. 

To realize the full vision and value of the Learning Registry, next steps are: 
  • Publishers will share information about their education content in the registry,

  • Application developers will design tools for displaying and reporting on usage and social metadata, 

  • Recommendation and search engines will leverage Learning Registry data for surfacing relevant learning resources, and 

  • LMS vendors, content aggregators, portals, and other platforms will create links to the Learning Registry to share data about content used within their environments: how it's been used and how widely used it is, and so on. 
The Learning Registry team has created, for the November 7 launch, the protocols and framework to enable this vision. The prototype efforts of the early adopters, listed below, help light the road ahead.