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Florida's CPALMS

CPALMS is Florida’s collaborative platform that connects education stakeholders, researchers, subject matter experts, practicing professionals, and professional organizations to Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share (CPALMS) instructional/educational resources and interactive tools that support standards-driven instruction. CPALMS is Florida’s official source for the standards, course information, assessment information, and serves as the dissemination platform for professional development and digital resources. Some of the existing and planned standards-based tools within CPALMS include: an interactive lesson planning tool, a peer and subject matter expert review process and system, a dynamic and interactive curriculum planning system, an interactive learning progression mapping tool, a formative assessment task builder tool, digital resource recommendation and authoring tools, a differentiated instruction tool, a professional development system, a lesson study support system, and many others. In addition to the CPALMS website, the system disseminates tools and content through mobile applications, email services, SMS, Widgets, an extensive API, and a just-in-time reporting and notification services. 

The CPALMS resource collection started in 2010 and currently includes 3,400+ resources with a current average of 100+ new resources per week. What is most unique about CPALMS is the review process that each of these resources go through prior to publishing them on any of the dissemination tools and services. The web-based review process delivers the resource to appropriate peer educators and subject matter experts, matching reviewer expertise with content and intended use of the resource. This rigorous review cycle includes the examination of the resource and its content accuracy, alignment to standards, appropriateness, pedagogy, advertising, ease of use, and many other criteria.

CPALMS is very proud to be a collaborator in the initial design, development, and implementation of the Learning Registry. Initially, all the resource metadata and paradata will be published to the Learning Registry with additional plans to provide tools and services for standards-driven instructional planning and delivery. 

CPALMS is developed by the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) at the Florida State University in partnership with educators from all across Florida and the US, Sciberus software development, and many other organizations. Primary funding for CPALMS is provided by the Florida Department of Education and the National Science Foundation.

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