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Technical Working Group

Information about the activities of the Learning Registry Technical Work Group (TWG) can be found here.  Core resources for the TWG are in a public Google Doc folder.  Individual links are listed below.

December 14-15 2010 Meeting

Meeting Objectives

  1. Develop a greater and mutually shared understanding of what Learning Registry is and what the benefits and opportunities are.
  2. Identify strengths and issues with technical strategies for moving forward. Generate ideas for addressing and improving both.
  3. Identify how participants and their organizations are interested in continuing to advance and participate in the Learning Registry project, during the upcoming implementation phase and beyond.

Remote Access for Participants

We're still working out details for remote access to the meeting (you will be able to follow the twitter stream and the live meeting notes).  If you would like to participate remotely, please contact us @

Read Ahead and Background Materials

Meeting agenda (PDF)

Summary of the Learning Registry Project (PDF)

List of various projects, tools, learning resource repositories, etc., that have been reviewed to date (Google Doc)..  This is a capture of our projects and resources spreadsheet as of 2010-12-07.

Sharing the Wealth of a Nation: The Learning Registry Project (PDF) presented by Steve Midgley, Deputy Director of the Office of Education Technology, US Department of Education and Daniel R. Rehak, ADL Technical Advisor at NSDL Annual Conference (November 3 2010)

The Learning Registry: A one page handout describing the Learning Registry (V 20101127, PDF).  Note, the Google PDF viewer cannot properly display this file.  Please download it for viewing.

Learning Registry Requirements and Meta-Architecture (PDF).  A summary of requirements and development plan.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes captured during the TWG meeting (Google Doc).  The document will be live and updated throughout the TWG.