Open Information Assurances 1.0 Beta

By providing this information I am giving legal assurances to everyone who uses this information. The assurances are releases, waivers and warranties that bind me regardless of the agreement of anyone else. If any of the assurances are not regarded as valid by a court, the rest of these assurances remain valid. I make these assurances based on the law in the place where I provide the information. I make these assurances in my own capacity, and when I act in a representative capacity then in that representative capacity.

  • The information I provide is released under the/ I have released the information under  CC0 Public Domain Dedication  (
  • The waiver granted in this Open Information assurance is given over and above those granted in CC0, the warranties provided in this assurance are not provided in CC0, neither waiver nor warranties is intended to modify CC0 in anyway
Waiver (Surrender of rights)
  • I waive any expectations about how the information will be used, including any expectation of privacy or confidentiality

I warrant that, to the best of my knowledge:
  • I have the rights, permissions and freedoms to provide this information under these assurances;
  • I am not violating the rights of anyone else by providing this information under these assurances;
  • None of the information I provide is illegal in the jurisdiction in which I provide the information.

These assurances are also an irrevocable offer to make an agreement that you use the information under the assurances. I make these assurances in consideration for the benefit of sharing the information with others.

If you use this information then you accept this irrevocable offer on your own behalf,  and when you act in a representative capacity then on behalf of whoever you represent.


Provide: make available for use.

Information: includes information on the origin of this information and the identity of the provider and transmitter, and refers to every level of transmission, storage or use of the information, such as electro-magnetic signals, data structures and data content, signs, symbols.  

Use: the transmission, storage or application of the information provided.

You: Anyone who uses this information is referred to as "you" in these assurances.

 Last Update: 20111018