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Feds Helpful in Building Data Sharing Kit, Says AZ CIO (edReformer)

posted Aug 17, 2010, 5:17 AM by Learning Registry Apps Administrator

Donald Houde, CIO and CTO for Education Technology at the Department of Education in Arizona talks about an education system’s data infrastructure as a means to ask good questions about how/why the data is used. From the article:

"When people like Houde looked for guidance from the Feds, it often resulted in frustration, because if there was once place that mimicked a byzantine hall of dead-ends and false leads, it was the online sources for government information. 'You can’t really Google the federal agencies very well,' says Houde. Well, that may be changing.

Five years later, the US Department of Education has probably created a solid underpinning for creating that conversation, and it will, Houde suspects, enable CIOs like him to link up activity in schools, flatten organizational structures, and clearly define roles. It’s called the Learning Registry. We’ve talked about it before here, in our interview with Steve Midgley. The learning registry is essentially an open source toolkit that tries to flatten out the information structure of the federal government to make the right data available to people trying to create evolutionary changes to the American education system."

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