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JISC/JLeRN case studies on the Learning Registry

posted Nov 19, 2012, 9:14 AM by Steve Midgley
 JLeRN Experiment is a collaboration among UK universities and JISC. During the study, JLeRN members set up experimental node set up to help better understand the potential of the Learning Registry in a UK Higher Education context. The funding for JLeRN has come to and end, and so they have drawen together some of the experiences and lessons.

JLeRN had a meeting of the people interested in the experiment a few weeks ago. Various people summarized their involvement with JLeRN for that meeting, and some summarized the meeting itself. Sarah Currier (JLeRN project manager) and I posted a summary of these summaries on the JLeRN blog:

A report into the wider potential of the Learning Registry was commissioned, this also is on the JLeRN blog

Case studies were commissioned from various people who had used or have ideas for using the experimental node. These also will be posted to the JLeRN blog. Phil Barker would like to highlight the case study from the EngRich project who have set up their own node at the University of Liverpool(*), see

Note: The text above is adapted from an email Phil Barker sent to the Learning Registry list.