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Steve Midgley: Building an Amazon for Education (edReformer)

posted Aug 5, 2010, 11:53 AM by Learning Registry Apps Administrator
Steve Midgley, Deputy Director, Office of Education Technology, United States Department of Education (ED) discussed the future of education technology with edReformer. His description of the way ED wants to take education serves to strengthen the creativity and resourcefulness of teachers.

A key quote: "...In order to create a valuable network of digital services providing useful solutions to students, you have to generate a consensus about how the network should operate (aka standards). But in order to generate that consensus, you need to have some value in the network to make it worth everyone’s time and energy to use (being the only person who has email is useless). The way out of this dilemma seems to be to “bootstrap” networks with some initial content and value. That’s what we’re proposing to do with the Learning Registry: provide valuable federal learning resources within a relatively simple web framework, and let others utilize our functionality to create interesting and valuable new solutions"

Read the interview on edReformer: